How We Are Addressing Covid-19

In the spring of 2020 we made great efforts to adjust to the ever-changing environment surrounding Covid-19.  In addition to promoting CDC guidelines, below we have highlighted many of our enhanced procedures, improvements, and changes which have all been made with a keen focus on overall well being, comfort, and safety.  We ask that everyone wear a mask when interacting with us and each other.  If you have any questions, or if we have missed something, please let us know.

Q: Can I visit Vermont from out of state?

A: For the safety of all visitors The State of Vermont requires all out of State guests to complete and sign the following form and return to us prior to checking in.  Please review this document prior to making a reservation.  We cannot welcome you without it.

Q: How private is the inn?

A: This spring we finished a total redesign of every entry and exit so that every room has enhanced privacy and easier access to every part of our grounds including outdoor dining, Paw House Park, hiking trails, picnic tables, and parking.  Regardless of your room choice, there is no longer any reason to come in contact with any other people and/or dogs when entering or exiting the inn.  An added benefit? In addition to the benefits of social distancing, the new entries from each area and room within the inn has the added benefit of easier access for late night potty breaks for the doggies! 

Q: What if I have to cancel due to Covid-19?

A: In the event that you are unable to visit due to Covid-19, we will waive all cancel fees.  In  turn we will apply your full deposit towards a future visit with no restrictions.

Q; What about filters for air conditioning and heating?

A: In the spring of 2020 we finished a complete overhaul of our heating and cooling systems by investing in individual units for each room. What good timing!  Our goals were threefold: '

  • Your personal comfort

  • Use of Renewable Energy

  • Clean Filtered Air

We encourage you to ask us about our use of renewable energy.  Please note that after each guest, we clean each filter. 

Q: Can I bring my own human and/or dog food to the inn? Can I prepare it safely at the inn?

A: Yes.  We strictly follow CDC protocol for all food services and have made provisions for safe food storage and food prep.  If you bring your own dog or human food to the inn, we ask you to bring sealable containers to store any food and/or drinks.  We will be maintaining a strict cleaning of all food storage and prep areas and asking all guests to help out by cleaning after yourselves and alerting us of any potential risk. 

Q: Have you changed your check in procedures?

A: Yes.  In order to promote social distancing, we now stagger check in time by asking you to arrange a specific arrival time and contact us 1 hour prior to arrival.  Running late or early?  We only ask that you call us at 802-558-2661 as soon as you know that your time will change and we will do our best to accommodate you.  If you happen to arrive while we are checking in another party, kindly wait for us in your vehicle.

Q: Are you still serving breakfast?  And are the dogs still welcome at breakfast?

A: Yes! and Yes!  We have always said that breakfast at The Paw House Inn is where the magic happens and Covid be damned - this will not change!  In the warmer months we will be serving outside in our courtyard and covered porch area and asking each guest to schedule their arrival time at breakfast in 30 minute intervals between 8am - 9:30am in order to maximize social distancing.  When the weather turns colder we will serve inside by reservation time only.  Additionally, if you wish not to dine with other guests, we can arrange take out for you to eat in your room and request that you bring all dishes back to us when finished.

Q: What about cleaning the rooms and overall cleanliness of the inn?

A: We have always been OCD about the cleanliness of your room and given the risks associated with Covid-19, we have amped up our efforts.  Prior to your arrival, your room and all surface areas will be completely sanitized.  Rooms and linens have been updated. Dog sheets and towels are still available by request.  After checking you in, for the safety of all guests and our staff, we will not be entering your room during your visit for any reason.  We are asking all guests to remove their own trash and to let us know if there is anything you need in your room while here.  

Q: What about the local area?  Are restaurants open?  Can we bring the dogs?

A; Most restaurants are now open and many are providing outdoor seating.  We encourage you to check out our webpage for restaurants ahead of time by calling ahead.  But don't worry...we can also try to pull a few strings while you are here if you forget...

Q: Is Mario's Playhouse and Paw House Park still open?

A; Yes! Absolutely. All of our services are available and we are eager to do whatever we can to show your doggies the joy of the great outdoors.  Additionally, we have held off plans to turn the small dog park into a swimming area for guests who wish to keep an added distance from others.

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