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Amazing Sightings and Attractions

This page offers a glimpse of just some of the many exciting surprises that you might encounter during your visit.  

The Largest Guest We Ever Had at Breakfast

We are often asked, "what is the largest breed you have ever had at the inn?"


The answer happened one rainy September morning we were cooking breakfast for longtime guest Sprocket and his awesome humans when we heard from the dining room, "Hey look!  There is a giant horse in the yard!"  It turns out that it was no horse - but a gigundous moose!  We grabbed our cell phones (hence the poor resolution, sadly) and the moose was gracious enough to strike a few poses for us before wandering off back into the woods.  It was a good thing that he didn't want a room because it is unlikely that he would fit through the door. 

You Rarely Get to See THIS in Boston or NYC

This photo was taken in December 2016 in our backyard by Lyndon the husky and his cinematographic humans Sophia and David.  On many clear nights hidden heavenly galaxies dazzle us to the point where words and even pictures cannot do justice to the awe of a nighttime sky that is unencumbered by the noise of electric light.

Vermont's Awesome Colors

Vermont is always breathtaking.  But nothing in the world can compare to the times when Mother Nature blesses us with a gentle snowfall that coincides with her spectacular fall foliage.  The image you see here is of Pico Mountain as viewed from the valley in Rutland.   

Photo courtesy of Vyto Starinskas

Vermont's Awesome Colors - Part II

While many people might say that Vermont's fall foliage is the most colorful event in all of Nature, Vermont's spring deserves equal billing.  After the thaw of a long and beautiful winter the landscape explodes into a world of greens, whites, purples and pinks against the endless blue springtime sky.  The lilacs pictured here stand in our backyard more than 20 feet tall and climb into the windows of the Good Dog and Bad Dog rooms.  The bushes are more than 200 years old and when they bloom in May and June the glorious smell of the flowers are intoxicating.  

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