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Dog Mountain and the Incomparable, Whimsical Work of Stephen Huneck

An ideal day trip from The Paw House Inn is the town of St. Johnsbury, Vermont and the magical destination of Stephen Huneck's Dog Mountain.  A mecca for dog lovers, Dog Mountain is a one of a kind place where thousands of people celebrate the joy of canine companionship.  

Pictured above with his beautiful wife Gwen and his devotee Black Lab Sally, Stephen's unique artwork and clever wit so perfectly captured the connection that we have with our dogs and each other.  

In addition to the dog chapel, Huneck's artwork, Dog Mountain also is a great way to spend a day hiking and swimming along the beautiful grounds.  It is a special place not to be missed while visiting us in Vermont.  For more information about Dog Mountain and the life and work of Stephen Huneck, visit their website  or contact us.

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