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Policies & Pettiquette


The first two rules of our property are 1) Please have fun; and 2) Please be respectful.

With these two excellent rules in mind, we have fine tuned our policies to ensure the highest possible level of safety and service.  Thank you in advance for appreciating our efforts. 

Reservations and Cancellation Policy

Waiver/Release of Liability

Check in and Check Out Times

Dog Policies and Pettiquette

If you are a first time visitor, we also encourage you to check out a comprehensive Summary of Services for First Time Guests that highlights our services.  This is a helpful page that goes into great detail about our policies that we have developed since 2001.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

Reservations can be made online or by phone.  We will confirm your reservation by e-mail, which will also contain a link to "The Paw House Dog Guest Profile Form" - a FUN and informative questionnaire that will help us to best prepare for your visit.


Upon making a reservation you will be charged a deposit equal to 1/2 of your total stay. The balance plus 9% tax is due upon checking in. Should you have to leave early, there are no refunds. When available, one night stays will be charged the full amount including a $10 one night fee + 9% Vermont Rooms and Meals tax.


1. For cancelled reservations we require a 21 day advance notice to receive either:
1) a full refund less an administrative fee of 10% of the deposit or $30 (whichever is greater) or 
2) the entire deposit can be applied to a future stay. 
2. For reservations cancelled within 21 days before the arrival date
- If we are able to rebook the room, you can apply the entire deposit towards a future visit within the ensuing 12 months. 
- If we are unable to rebook the room, unfortunately the guest will forfeit the entire deposit
3. In the event that we do not receive notice of a cancellation, you will be charged the full amount of the stay.  In the event that you have to leave early there are no refunds.


Check In and Check Out Times  PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY

Rooms and Cottages

Visiting The Paw House Inn with your furry, four-legged friends is a unique experience.  For this reason, our check-ins are personalized and caninized  (wait, that can't be right). Check in for your private guest room is arranged by appointment ONLY from 2pm - 7pm except Friday when hours are extended to 9pm.   We understand that sometimes delays occur.  In the event that you are running later than anticipated, we REQUIRE that you call us en route.  Our phone number is 802-558-2661. 

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  Should a guest arrive beyond scheduled arrival time without notice, you will be charged $50 for EACH HALF HOUR beyond scheduled arrival time OR we will reserve the right to cancel your reservation with no refund.  Please be courteous and contact us as soon as you know if your arrival time changes.  Thank you.

Check out is at 11.  If you require a later check out time, please ask.  If we can accommodate you, we will.  Extended doggie care is available after check out for $25.

If you wish to take advantage of extended doggie care on check out day, reservations MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE AND CONFIRMED.  Space is limited and all reservations are subject to availability. 

No Additional Fee

We cater to dog owners, so of course there is no extra fee for bringing your dogs.  Room rates are based on up to two dogs. Three dogs are welcome - there is an additional fee of $25 per night for a third dog. If you plan to bring more than three dogs, please call before booking online. Please note that you will be charged $10 per night if  you do not bring a dog.

Size and Breed Policy 

We welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds at The Paw House Inn.  As a general rule, dogs must be friendly towards people and other dogs.  We understand that sometimes dogs have altercations and can be startled in new places.  However dogs who are predictably aggressive towards people or other dogs cannot stay at our inn.   If your dog exhibits any aggression we reserve the right to ask you to leave without refund.  If you have any concerns about this policy please contact us.  Otherwise,  upon making your reservation you will receive a link to our "Dog Profile Form." This is an informative, FUN questionnaire designed to ensure the safety and welfare of your dog during your stay. If your dog is sensitive to confined spaces or being approached while on leash, you will be asked to tie a yellow ribbon around his or her leash to inform the other guests and our staff of your dog's need for personal space. 

Vaccinations and Titers

For the safety of all dog guests, we require notice from your vet that your dog is current on their vaccinations or titers for DHLLP (a.k.a DHL2P or 5 in 1) and rabies.  The notice can be a receipt with dates of vaccinations or a note from your vet.  You can send notice via regular mail, e-mail, or you can bring it with you and provide it to us upon checking in.  We do not have a fax machine.  The bordetella vaccine is not required.  If you opt not to have this vaccination, we will ask you to sign a waiver upon arrival.  

Dogs in the Inn

All dogs are permitted in the private guest rooms and common areas.  There are custom-built dog beds in each room so your dog can sleep in com"fur"t!  There is no additional deposit for keeping a dog in a guest room however upon arrival you will be asked to formally acknowledge that we reserve the right to full reimbursement for any damage caused by you or your dogs.  


We go to great lengths to provide for the safety and comfort of all guests, our staff and most importantly your dog. Because of this we require that you do not leave your dog unattended (alone) in your bedroom.  Mario's Playhouse is available 24/7 to accommodate your dogs while you are out exploring Vermont without them.  Please understand that there are NO exceptions to this policy.   If you are unable to abide by this policy we ask you to find other accommodations.


Thank you so much for your understanding as this has been a source of frustration for us and for other guests who understand and appreciate our attempt to provide your dog with a most comfortable vacation experience.


We have an off-leash dog park and there are hundreds of trails nearby.  To prevent injuries to both humans and guests, we ask that all dogs be leashed in the common areas and grounds of our inn. 


Barking and Howling

The best thing about our Inn?  All of our guests are dog lovers who understand and appreciate dogs.  There is no need to use the back door with your pup, unless you want to.  There is also no need to worry about a woof or two.  That said, we ask that all dogs (and humans) be able  to refrain from habitual barking and howling.  If your dog's (or your partner's) barking and howling is disruptive to other guests, we reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund.  If you are concerned that your dog is more "alert" than most dogs, please talk to us before you make a reservation and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Waste and Accidents

We require that all guests pick up after their dog.  There are clearly marked and strategically placed canisters to ensure the highest standards for sanitary disposal.  The next sentence seems almost ridiculous to write, however, it is sometimes necessary.  If you do not pick up after your dog(s) - or if you opt to leave used dog waste bags anywhere other than the designated canisters, you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.    Thank you for your understanding . We also require that your dog be housebroken.


Dogs at Breakfast

All well-behaved dogs are welcome at breakfast.  Please do not feed your dog or bring treats to breakfast, and be sure they are on leash.  If your dog is exhibiting bad table manners, we may ask you to bring him or her to Mario's Playhouse. Breakfast at the Inn is truly special and including the dogs has proven to make it even more special.  

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