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A Summary of Our Services

Based upon feedback that we have received over time, we created this informational page to summarize who we are and what we do. It is our hope that you know what to expect prior to visiting our inn so that you are not met with any surprises upon your arrival.


First and foremost, we are a country inn.  Our inn is an historic farmhouse in majestic Vermont.  Each morning we serve a delicious, healthy, three course, full country breakfast (for humans).  Our rooms are immaculate and comfortable, each with its own private bath.  Our beds are top quality, our decor is tasteful. But because of our clientele (i.e. the kind that may chew things, or destroy things with wagging tails), we resist the temptation to decorate with fancy stuff.  Besides who needs all those knick-knacks around anyway?  We are fastidious about cleanliness and when it comes to your room, we consider cleanliness and comfort of the utmost importance.


Please make no "bones" about it, while we do provide many dog services, we are not a doggie day care.  On our property we operate Mario's Playhouse as a courtesy for our guests.  Mario's is a specially designed facility where you can safely keep your dogs while you are out and about.  We created this concept because our own personal travel plans were always compromised - many places accepted dogs - but few truly understood the unique needs of dog owners. Because Mario's Playhouse is a unique service, we endeavor to set expectations properly. Specifically regarding our dog-centric policies which emphasize maximum safety and comfort and reflect more than 15 years of feedback from guests. If you are reading this page with the possibility of visiting, please read on!


Please understand, we do not allow any dog to be left alone in a private guest room without their humans.  We know that some people have a hard time with this.  After all, we CATER to dog owners and their dogs right?  Our top priority is the comfort and safety of all guests - both four-legged and two.  And because of the large number of dogs who visit our inn, we very respectfully ask all guests to understand in advance that we cannot make exceptions to this policy. We have repaired many rooms after dogs ("not MY dog") have destroyed them, caused themselves injury, and have disrupted the experience for other guests.  This is why we created Mario's Playhouse as a safe, clean, comfortable alternative.  If you feel that you must leave your dog in your private guest room, while you are out, then we ask you not to visit us.


More about this: Given our keen focus upon meeting as many needs as as possible, we have taken every possible measure to elicit feedback to ensure the health and safety of every dog who visits us.  This includes the cleanliness of Mario's Playhouse so disease is not spread, as it has been the sad case in so many dog cares.  We have completely eliminated fabrics and any other potential source for spreading germs.  Each family has their own private, large run, separate from the other dogs.  Mario's is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.  It is cleaned daily, most often 2 or 3 times per day.  We have made it as "pretty" as possible and have even added classical music.  We ask you to bring your own dog bed to further ensure that germs are not spread.


We have a small staff who lovingly provides various "dog services."  By request, we will walk your dogs, play with your dogs, feed your dogs, and give your dogs a lot of love and attention.  We do not "dog-sit," but we do our best to ensure that your dogs are comfortable while you are out without them.  We offer our "dog services" from 10am-4pm.  All other hours, Mario's Playhouse is available as a self serve facility.  It is safe, clean, and comfortable.


We have an off-leash park with agility equipment, toys and plenty of room to romp.  But we are NOT a day camp for dogs.  We make no promises that other dogs will be social with your dogs.  But most often, guests will socialize with one another and the dogs have a great time together. 


Prior to visiting us you are required to complete a "dog profile form" which tells us what we need to know about your dog while he/she is in Mario's.  This profile is very helpful because it enables us to learn the nuances of your dog's "personality." We ask that when you arrive, that we spend just a few minutes together - for us to greet your dog(s) and for your dog(s) to grow comfortable in their new surroundings. It is at this time that we also ask you to share any information with us that you think would be helpful to create a most comfortable experience for you and your dog(s).  This "meet and greet" is essential for first time guests and the primary reason why we require an "appointment" for your check in.


We take great pride in the wonderful connection that we have with so many of our guests and look forward to serving you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We are here to provide you with the highest possible level of service that we can. Please give us the opportunity to tell us how to make your visit most enjoyable.


Paws truly, 
Mitch and Jen

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